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  •  Pathcare Kenya strives at all times to provide quality service to clinicians and their patients.

  • We will always endeavor to produce totally accurate results in the best possible turnaround time to ensure that the people who are reliant on our expertise are never let down in our delivery.

  • Pathcare is an equal opportunities company and abides by not only ethical, but a motivating code of conduct.

  •  Job satisfaction and well being of each and every staff member is the critical component for our guaranteed total service all the way down the service chain.

• To be recognized as “the first choice practice” in all our pathology arenas. • We endeavor to remain fully abreast of cutting edge new research in our profession.

• We service the vast arena of our Kenyan society and remain always conscious of health care expenses for those with or without the benefits of medical insurance/aid.

• Pathcare Kenya facilities to be available right across Kenya. Eventually the facilities set up to provide the region especially Uganda and Tanzania.

• We understand the future of pathology and our vision is to render the exact service – pathology through the future.